Jabardasth Comedy Show - 4th July 2013 Full Episode Watch Online

Jabardasth Comedy Show - 4th July 2013 Full Episode Watch Online

Jabardasth Comedy Show - 4th July 2013 - Written Episode

Dhana Dhan Dhan Raj Shows How youth are there in 1980 & 2013

In 1980's When the Lovers meet them at the beggining girls will not say their name and they will feel shy to say their name. But after a week she will says her name after a week. After one month she will think about him only. After one year they will express their love each other. At the but they can't love other. Now they will show how the same love in 2013. To Know more watch the full episode every thursday on Etv @ 9:30

Chammak Chandra & his team shows the problems of Bachelors.

No one will rent a house to bachelors. Then one bachelor will be in search on a House and he founds a house and he cheats the house owner and rents that house. Chammak Chandra will be in a saree and says to house owner that the other team members are his husbands. At last they will get a room for rent. Chammak chandra will get angry on his team mates and beats them. House owner will offer saree to chammak chandra. To know more watch the full episode every thursday on Etv @ 9:30

Rocket Raghava will create a spoof of a movie Amma Nanna o Tamil Ammayi and titles his movie as Tandri Koduku o Telugu Ammayi

Telugu Ammayi will wait for her lover and talks with Rocket Raghava on mobile and she comments on Rocket Raghava. Her lover will think to take her to Restaurant as they were now in Jurassic Park. Telugu Ammayi will comments on her lover about his hair style and way of his dressing. She will ask about the father of his lover and he says that his father is a big businessman. But at last his father is an Paper seller. He is a poor man. To know more watch the full of Jabardasth Comedy show Every thursday @ 9:30 on ETV.

Roller Raghu & Team will attends an Interview for a job will they get it or not

Roller raghu will attends an interview with Alcohol and the interviewer says that he will not accept this type of Behaviour in the office. He also says that he will not drink alcohol and challenges raghu that he will give job when the he tries to give alcohol to the interviewer. The interviewer and Raghu discusses the importance and unimportance of Alcohol. Roller raghu will says that in the world war when all the country members will drink and sleep then how world war will done. At the end Roller raghu and the interviewer will drink alcohol. To know more watch the full episode of Jabardasth comedy show @ ETV Every Thursday @ 9:30

Venu Wonders and his team shows the Latest trend from one Lover to Multi Lovers

Venu will call his lover and asks her to come to park but she will not ignore it and him to come Tank Bund. In the par he will meet his second lover and take some money from her. His 1st Lover will come and spends some time with him and his 2nd lover will see it and she will beat her lover. At the end there his 3rd Lover will come. All the 3 Lovers will beat each others. To Know more watch Jabardasth Comedy Show On ETV Every Thursday @ 9:30 PM

Chalaki Chanti and his team show how Cyber Cafe is there Now a days

Chalaki Chanti will goes to cyber cafe and open other Emails and will make fun of them. He will chat with a girl and they cheat each other by telling lies about them. Their performance is nice which is fully filled by comedy and they made realise about how youth is using internet now a days. To know more watch the full episodes of Jabardasth Comedy show every thursday @ 9:30 PM